Bali Elephant Tour

An Incredible Day Tour of Bali at Mason Elephant Park Ubud

Elephant riding tours in Bali will be the next stop after you’re happy to enjoy the beauty of tourist attractions in Bali. You’re going to be curious about our next tour package, how it feels like riding an elephant, or you’re going to do it with your friends or loved ones.

It’s an awesome day tour with a Bali driver at Mason Elephant Park.

Situated in the village of Taro Ubud, this elephant ride adventure tour is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists. This activity will be more fun for them if you come along and travel with kids as they will see the big creatures in the lovely spot.

Bali tour packages usually include visits to coastal sites, mountains, temples or historical sites.

But by engaging in an elephant ride adventure in Bali, it will be enough to provide an alternate journey with a little adventure and full of sensations to learn animals that we have never met directly, and now you can even ride it ready to catch it in a fun moment along the Taro Jungle.


The most famous elephant riding adventure in Bali is in Mason Elephant Park or formerly known as Elephant Safari Park Taro, located in the village of Taro and still in the Ubud district of Gianyar Regency.

You may see the natural and beautiful natural landscape of Mason Elephant Park Taro. This adventure recreation area is surrounded by forests which are becoming national parks, and forestry is well conserved.

These large animals are directly imported from their natural habitat on Sumatra Island, they take the Sumatran Elephant as the touristic attraction to Bali and also the manner in which we preserve it.

Taro Ubud Elephant Safari Park also houses a museum with numerous elephant exhibits, including predecessors ‘ skeletons. You will learn more about the animal’s roots. In addition to traveling as well as for educational purposes, the manufacture of accessories from such animals also provides souvenirs.

If you are also worried about the amenities of this park with its 5-star facilities and its clean comforts, the provided price is not an issue for your most pleasant holiday.

This park is the world-renowned and most famous elephant safaris, an outdoor activities provided by 5-star Taro Ubud Elephant Safari Park, many capital artists and even world artists who want to try this experience, not only because of the sensation of riding an elephant, but also because of the beauty of the surrounding region.

This park offers a trip with breakfast and bathing with elephant from the early morning, an elephant ride at midday with lunch and a Safari Under Stars ride for dinner, so its truly part of the tourist services that have time to come to our park.