Bath and Breakfast with Elephants Bali
at Mason Elephant Park Taro, Ubud

Bali Bathing Elephant at Mason Elephant Park Taro-Ubud-Bali, Now everyone can bathe and Breakfast with Elephant while in Bali.

We invite you all to join our exclusive Bathe and Breakfast with Elephants, a unique and exciting tour only at Mason Elephant Park Taro.

In this limited numbers daily program, professionally organized by MASON ADVENTURES (formerly BALI ADVENTURE TOURS), you can go on a memorable adventure trip with elephants to join the elephants for their morning bath, a safari and a breakfast with stunning views.

Enjoy an amazing experience with the Elephants in their bathing pool at Mason Elephant Park & Lodge as they take you to their morning bath. This unique interactive experience offers a rare opportunity to ride on elephants while they romp and play, splash and dunk in their bathing pool, which are one of their day’s favorite rituals. Bali Bathing Elephant – in a spectacular and personal environment, caress, wash, feed and interact with elephants.

Sit back and have a full breakfast buffet at the Park Restaurant with a view over the lake while the elephants soak up and dry out in the bright morning sunshine, then enjoy the Elephant Education Show and 1x Elephant Safari ride through the lush jungle of Taro.

Bali Bathing Elephant, Now everyone can bathe the elephant

We invite you all to join our exclusive Bathe and Breakfast with Elephants, a unique and exciting tour. In this limited numbers daily program, professionally organized by MASON ADVENTURES (formerly BALI ADVENTURE TOURS), you can go on a memorable adventure trip with elephants to join the elephants for their morning bath, a safari and a breakfast with stunning views.

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Enjoy an amazing experience with the Elephants in their bathing pool at Mason Elephant Park & Lodge as they take you to their morning bath. This unique interactive experience offers a rare opportunity to ride on elephants while they romp and play, splash and dunk in their bathing pool, which are one of their day’s favorite rituals. Bali Bathing Elephant – in a spectacular and personal environment, caress, wash, feed and interact with elephants.

Sit back and have a full breakfast buffet at the Park Restaurant with a view over the lake while the elephants soak up and dry out in the bright morning sunshine, then enjoy the Elephant Education Show and 1x Elephant Safari ride through the lush jungle of Taro.

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Pick Up Time:

Nusa Dua / Jimbaran : 05.45 – 06.15 am
Kuta / Seminyak : 05.45 – 06.15 am
Sanur : 06.00 – 06.30 am
Ubud : 06.30 – 07.00 am

Organized by:

Bali Bathing Elephant – TOUR TIME ESTIMATION:

  • 07.30 – Arriving at Mason Elephant Park & Lodge Taro Ubud / Registration and settle the payment.
  • 07.45 – Elephant washing (scrubbing about 15 minutes) and elephant bathing (around 15 minutes bareback riding 1 participant + 1 mahout into the elephant’s pool)
  • 08.15 – Shower and changes your cloth.
  • 09.00 – Breakfast (Choice of Continental and American breakfast)
  • 10.15 – Elephant Introducing program knowledge.
  • 10.30 – Elephant Safari Ride fro about 30 minutes
  • 11.00 – Visiting Museum and Elephant Discovery Information Center.
  • 12.00 – Depart from Mason Elephant Park Taro

Elephant Introducing program knowledge. : 10.15, 12,00, 13.45, 15.45


ADULTIDR 1,569,000IDR 1,400,000
CHILD (8 - 12 years)IDR 1,265,000IDR 975,000
FAMILY PACKAGES (2 Adult + 3 Child)IDR 5,290,000IDR 4,250,000

Organized by:

Price Includes:

  • Sharing return hotel transfer with air-conditioned car/van
  • Professional Mahout
  • International standard safety equipment
  • Park entrance
  • Elephant washing (scrubbing about 15 minutes) and elephant bathing (around 15 minutes bareback riding 1 participant + 1 mahout into the elephant’s pool)
  • Elephant Introducing program knowledge.
  • Feeding elephant.
  • 30 minutes elephant safari ride
  • Breakfast ala carta during pandemic
  • Take photo with elephant with your camera.
  • Insurance cover.

Excludes: Drinks, photo, video, and other personal expenses like souvenir

What to bring ?

  • Extra Dry cloths
  • short or swim wear
  • Hat, sunscreen
  • insect repellent
  • walking shoes or thongs,
  • light cotton attire,
  • camera,
  • cash or credit card for payment and souvenir.


  1. World’s largest herd of captive Sumatran Elephants 30, including babies
  2. Museum & Elephant Discovery Information Gallery
  3. 3.5 hectares of Botanical Gardens & Orchid displays
  4. Elephant Rides through Taro Forest
  5. Safari Under the Stars (Night Safari Ride & Night Show)
  6. 270 seat Park Restaurant & Bakery
  7. Private Dining Gazebo
  8. Elephant Bathing Lakes & Fish Ponds
  9. Elephant Talent Arena floodlit for Night Show
  10. 4 daily complimentary Elephant Shows on admission
  11. Elephant Boutique Gift Shop
  12. Souvenir Photo Shop
  13. Safari Corner Store & Kiosk
  14. Guest Business Centre for all visitors
  15. Wi-Fi Internet Access park wide
  16. Mammoths Head Bar, Lounge & Terrace
  17. Swimming Pool & Courtyard (Guest stay at Lodge only)
  18. Safari Wellness Spa
  19. Guest Fitness & Weight Rooms (Guest stay at Lodge only)
  20. Wedding Pavillion
  21. VIP Helicopter Landing Pad
  22. Research Laborator
  23. Breeding and Conservation Area
  24. The Only ‘Complete’ Elephant Experience in the World

More Information About Mason Elephant Park.


Turning Holidays into Adventures since 1989

Mason Adventures, formerly Bali Adventure Tours, is the island’s longest-established and critically-acclaimed adventure tour operator. We are proud to showcase our unrivalled world class adventures through a multitude of interactive tours, facilities and excursions that our family owns and operates.

With 30 years of adventure experience, we are renowned in Bali as being the best and no other adventure tour operator comes close on the island.Our company offers the highest quality facilities and service from start to finish, with a 100% money back guarantee as we own and operate all of our tours and products. We believe you pay for what you get, and we ensure all of our guests the complete premium experience from the moment they’re picked up until the moment they’re dropped off back at their hotel or villa.

From the humble beginnings of Yanie’s Restaurant in 1985, we went on to pioneer Bali’s first White Water Rafting operation in 1989 then added Mountain Cycling and Tropical Trekking in 1991, followed in 1997 by the opening of Bali’s first elephant rescue facility, the Mason Elephant Park, and in 2009 its luxurious 5-Star Lodge. 2015 marked the re-launching of Mason Sky Tours, offering guests a wide range of high-class helicopter tours and services. In recent years, we have revamped the rafting aspect of our business with the opening of the multifunctional Mason Adventure Centre, a multi-million-dollar investment providing our guests with a 5-Star rafting experience from start to finish. 2017 saw the launching of Mason Jungle Buggies, Bali’s newest and most exciting off-road challenge, as well as Mason Gourmet Chocolate, the archipelago’s most unique chocolate experience.

All tours and services are tied together by our own fleet of radio and GPS controlled buses, and in the case of any serious medical emergency, all guests are covered by our exclusive Free Helicopter Medivac Service. Our friendly and professional staff are the best in the industry, and as Bali’s safest, most efficient and eco-friendly adventure company, you can always count on us to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Mason Elephant Park

Initiated in 1997 and set within the misty hinterlands of Ubud, the Mason Elephant Park was created in response to the devastating situation in Sumatra where rampant deforestation and poaching has dwindled the native elephant population.As a result, over the years the vast majority of what remains of the wild population which aren’t killed off are placed within concentration camps where they receive poor and insufficient nourishment, no proper medical care and treatment, and consequently the average life expectancy is typically 3 – 8 years. It is estimated that by the year 2025, that the Sumatran elephant will be completely extinct in the wild.

Our mission over the years to save as many of these gentle giants as we couldhas been a test to our commitment and determination, encompassing multiple journeys over land and sea, spanning thousands of kilometres, battling bureaucracy, the elements, terrorist aftermath’s and monetary adversities, to provide these critically-endangered creatures a comfortable and safe environment to call home.

Our multi-award winning park is Bali’s only dedicated elephant rescue facility, and is now the home to 32beautiful Sumatran elephants, 5 of which were born here naturally. The park provides guests with the rare opportunity to interact and learn about these gentle giants to help ensure that their species can continue to live on for many generations to come.

The park is set within 4 hectares and has been carefully landscaped to mimic the original habitat of our elephant’s native home in Sumatra. The location in central Bali was also chosen for its cooler climate and lush environment, which helps to keep our elephants cool and comfortable in this tranquil landscape.Since the beginning,we have never used, nor condoned brutal or cruel training methods, as all training at our park is by repetition, reward and patience, and we firmly believe the relationship between an elephant and their mahout must always be one of friendship and trust.

Mason Elephant Lodge

Renowned as one of the most unique hotels in the world, and the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018 Winner for Best Luxury Lodge in Asia and Best Luxury Eco Safari Lodge in the World. The Mason Elephant Lodge is committed to providing guests with a once in a lifetime experience amongst Bali’s largest herd of rescued Sumatran elephants. The luxury lodge features five types of safari-style accommodation with twenty-seven elephant-inspired luxury rooms with all the trimmings a discerning guest would expect. Staying at the Lodge is a rewarding experience as you can interact in numerous ways with these majestic creatures and get up close & personal with them for the ultimate elephant experience.

Take to the Skies

Experience the unsurpassed excitement of launching off from paradise with Mason Sky Tours,Bali’s leading helicopter service,utilizing a sleek Eurocopter B2, fully air-conditioned with comfortable forward-facing leather seating for up to 5 passengers.

We provide set scenic tours which include volcano flights and other iconic location flights around the Island of the Gods.Discerning guests have the option to create their own custom charter flights and packages, as we can cater to any individual requirement, such as airport, hotel, or inter-island transfers, marriage proposals, scenic picnics, and more. All flights can take off from any one of our own 4 helipads or from any other registered helipad in Bali or across the archipelago.

Additionally, our aerial service gives you the option to combine flights with any of our other tours, allowing you to create your own unique adventure experience, making the most of your day of fun in the sun while saving time and enjoying the spectacular tropics by air.

Exotic. Artisan. Sustainable.

For over 30 years the Mason family has been synonymous for quality culinary and adventure experiences in the heart of Bali. Now that same passion, drive and commitment for excellence can be discovered in Mason Chocolates. From bean to bar, our chocolates are inspired by nature and crafted to perfection by our dedicated team of artisan chocolatiers, deep in the heart of beautiful Bali. Our distinctive and smooth taste comes from a culmination of East meets West, combining the latest in European chocolate-making technology with only the finest organic cacao beans, ethically sourced throughout the Indonesian archipelago to sustainably create our exclusive ‘tropical blend’.

The Mason Chocolate Factory is located inside the stunning eco-friendly Koko Bambu Restaurant, situated overlooking scenic rice fields just 3 kilometres from the famous Mason Elephant Park & Lodge. Within this state of the art factory, using only the latest Italian chocolate making machinery, guests can watch the chocolate making process, starting from the cacao bean through to an exotic range of deluxe chocolates. The full range is available in our modern showroom, where guests can watch, taste and purchase from our large selection of pralines, truffles, super thins, chocolate coated nuts and bars of dark, milk or white chocolate.

A Touch of Zen in the Heart of Bali

Experience the luxury of Bali’s First Authentic Japanese Spa, and step into a private Zen-inspired haven of serenity, harmony and relaxation at Shinto Spa in Ubud. A place to beautify and pamper oneself in a stunning setting suspended above the lush jungle tops. All of our adventure tours can be combined with Shinto Spa to create unique packages, such as our Rafting & Reflexology Special.

Our Adventures

White Water Rafting – Nobody has done it longer than us. Since 1989 after designing and installing the necessary infrastructure to allow guests to access the river, countless smiles have been put on faces as our clients tackle a 12km stretch of the gorgeous Ayung river valley, including 33 rapids. Suitable for ages ranging from 5 to 65, this activity really is available to everyone in the family. Ending at the Mason Adventure Centre, our guests are treated to a choice of 3 restaurants along with a Spa, Shower and locker facilities.

River Kayaking – Enjoy the thrills and spills of dual inflatable kayaking on the Ayung River, accompanied by an expert guide on this exhilarating and challenging tour. Some experience required and age restricted from 16 – 50 years.

Mountain Cycling – Explore a different, more original and untouched side of Bali using your own two legs and a bicycle. Our cycling journey begins in a traditional Balinese village and takes our guests on a relaxing downhill journey through orchards, marigold fields, and rice plantations. All the while getting a cultural lesson on their surroundings from our knowledgeable local guides.

Tropical Trekking – Explore the natural lush beauty of the Taro hinterlands. Like our Cycling program, our trekking leads our clients through jungles, rice fields and villages. Along the way, our knowledgeable local guides introduce and teach them about local plants, fruits and other questions they may have.

Jungle Buggies – Our custom 4.5km track that twists and turns organically through the jungles of Tatag provides an adrenaline pumping, ear to ear smile inducing challenge for our guests. Featuring the latest high specification All Terrain Buggies by American brand Polaris, guests have the option of a single or tandem seat buggy, all equipped with multiple GoPro cameras to record their off-road adventure.

Elephant Safari Ride – Walk on the wild side with an informative and scenic stroll atop an elephant through our park and the cool Taro jungle. An experience you’ll never forget, interacting and exercising with our resident giants. After, enjoy lunch with a view of the elephant bathing lake in our Park Restaurant.

Bathe & Breakfast – Elephants love the water and being washed, so to allow our guests an up close and personal opportunity we started this popular tour. Guests get to be hands on and give the elephants their morning wash and then ride them bareback as they splash and play in the bathing lake. Afterwards, guests enjoy a full buffet breakfast overlooking the park as the elephants bask in the sun and dry off.

Jumbo Wash – Hose, wash, scrub, and caress your new found friend, as you experience a unique connection with one of our elephants in a spectacular tropical setting as you get up close and personal. After, observe the elephant education show and enjoy a full buffet lunch with a view of the elephants in their bathing lake.

Safari Under the Stars – This evening program at the Park includes one on one time with the elephants, where guests get to feed and ride our gentle giants. After which they get a tour of the Elephant Museum and Discovery Gallery to receive a lesson on the history along with various facts about the world’s largest land mammal species. After that the guests wander down to a beautiful area of the park where tables are set up under the stars and they enjoy lavish dinner.

Safari Spa – Restore you mind, body and soul and indulge your senses at Safari Spa, situated at the Mason Elephant Lodge, where guests can enjoy themselves amongst the sights of placid giants. Depending on availability, daytime guests at the Park can also book treatments if they wish.

Elephant Weddings – Combine romance and mystery with the thrill of the wild and exchange vows amongst gentle giants. Weddings at the Park are celebrated at the resplendent elephant-inspired gazebo altar from atop a Sumatran elephant. Couples can opt for a symbolic Balinese Blessing ceremony wearing Balinese wedding regalia, or for a traditional white wedding with all the classic trimmings, including a cake and reception for anywhere from two to 250 guests, or maybe just book a simple vow renewal. Lodge room packages available.

Groups &Special Events– Our event planning team can customize adventures and special events for incentive groups, meetings, team building, group outings, conferences, corporate sales programs, or private functions.

Company Timeline

1989 – Nigel Mason and his Balinese Wife Yanie set up Bali’s first and foremost white waterrafting company, named Bali Adventure Rafting.

1992 – Other adventure activities are added to the tour portfolio, beginning with Mountain Cycling, followed by Jungle, Rice Paddy and Village Trekking. By this time, the company’s identity expands to encompass the new products, becoming known as, Bali Adventure Tours (BAT).

1994 – BAT launches Bali Day Tours Transport as a strategy to make tour operations more self-contained and efficient. Today, BAT is able to transport its own customers in company owned and operated, air-conditioned vehicles all equipped with radio control.Yanie takes the retail aspects of operations a step further in 1995, opening The ‘House of Yanie’ Gift Shop, located in Kuta Square.

1995 – BAT operations consolidated under one roof with the opening of Adventure House on Jalan Bypass at Pesanggaran. This multi-million-dollar, four-story structure becomes known as The “BAT” House as it houses state-of-the-art communications, dispatch, reservations centre, operations headquarters, repair and maintenance workshops and a helipad is later built at the rear.

1997 – BAT startsThe Elephant Safari Park in the historic village ofTaro, adding a completely new dimension to the organization. The park contains 9 Sumatran elephants, a sub species of the Asian elephant. These gentle pachyderms are rescued from Sumatra, their last natural stronghold in Indonesia to be relocated in the tranquil Balinese countryside.

1998 – 8 more Sumatran Elephants are rescued from Sumatra and the arduous task of bringing them to Bali, without causing undue stress to these beautiful animals begins. The journey involved 6 days non-stop traveling, with a 10 vehicle convoy, the journey involved 1000’s of kilometres by road, plus 2 sea crossings, including 1 vehicle whose sole purpose is to procure fresh food and water every day along the way.

2000 – Constant improvements are made this year to The Elephant Safari Park, both for visitors and resident pachyderms.The latest advancements include complete water treatment and waste disposal systems and a large 250 seat restaurant, a park gift shop, and museum.

2001 – BAT introduced helicopter tours – the first of their kind in Bali complete with their own helipads linking their numerous operations together. The purchase of a state-of-the-art American built Robinson R44 helicopter brings flight prices to an affordable level for tourists.

2002 – The Bali Bomb has a disastrous effect on Bali Adventure Tours activities with up to a 98% loss in company visitors doing tours directly after the tragedy.The next 2 years will prove to be a test of sacrifice, hard work, and great determination on the behalf of all staff and management to survive this catastrophe.

Unfortunately, the Helicopter Tours are suspended after the Bali Bomb to be re-instated later, when the top end of the tourism market fully recovers.

2003 – This was an extremely difficult year with major outgoing in expenses and very little incoming revenue. Recovery started towards the latter part of the year.

2004 – The company upgrades their fleet of vehicles with the purchase of ten new 11 seater buses and four new 6 seater buses so as to maintain the high standards of safety and comfort for guests.

Work commences on the spacious new breeding area for the Elephants, and at the same time updating and modernizing the infrastructure of the Elephant food area, waste & rubbish removal, plus the implementing of a brand new Elephant Manure Processing Plant in Renon, Denpasar where the elephant waste will be turned into an environmentally friendly fertilizer.Features of the new breeding area includes, public access and viewing area, one of the deepest elephant wading ponds in South East Asia,plus, the planting of over 1000 trees including 30 different species of palm trees, landscape gardens and free roaming area for the courting couple. The Park also set about beautifying the area with thousands of native & imported orchids.

10 new elephants are saved and brought to Bali, including 2 baby elephants, (2-year-old Debby &4-year-old Ryan) and transmigrated from Sumatra to join the Elephant Safari Park family thereby making a total of 27 elephants. This journey was documented by an Australian film company to be released later as a 1-hour television feature which is shown worldwide on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, NHK and numerous other networks.

2005 – In keeping with the commitment of Bali Adventure Tours to the development of new products for the tourism industry in Bali, the company commences the building of a ‘5 star’ hotel project at theElephant Safari Park named the Elephant Safari Park Lodge & Spa.This includes a full range of rooms from VIP to standard to suit most budgets. A swimming pool and a fully licensed bar, Spa & Fitness room overlooking the Elephants and the Park and was completed in late 2007.

The acclaimed documentary ‘Operation Jumbo’ is released to an international audience of millions.The documentary details the nail biting adventures of Nigel Mason as he attempts to rescue and transport another 10 elephants over 3000kms, crossing three Indonesian islands to the safe haven of his Park. The spellbinding tale has been seen globally on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Wildlife Asia Channel and is now available on DVD with Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, French, Indonesian and English subtitles.Operation Jumbo was also awarded as a BBC Panda Award Finalist.

2006 – The Elephant Breeding Program is started after the oldest male elephant, Seng Wong, finally comes into ‘Musth’ ready to mate.

2007 – The 27 room Elephant Safari Park Lodge is completed with stunning attention detail. Featuring an array of beautifully appointed accommodations including an exclusive two-bedroom Taro Suite, as well as Park view, Garden View and Paddy View rooms and a unique Elephant Chauffeur service from the Lodge rooms purpose built elevated landing direct onto the back of an elephant. However, the lodge was not opened until 2008 after an intense staff training period for ‘local’ staff.

The Elephant Safari Park Lodge features include the Safari Wellness Spa – the first safari themed spa in Bali which garnered accolades from the prestigious travel magazine Conde De Nast Traveller as HOT SPA 2008, a Fitness & Weights Room, swimming pool and Mammoth Head Bar & Lounge.

The Park at this time also enhances its wedding facilities with a new Wedding Pavilion and Private Gazebo.A traditional antique four post Javanese Joglo portrays the ceremonial pavilions featured in the palaces of royalty in central Java and commands the marble and stone purpose built facility.The private dining gazebo was added to provide a romantic and intimate setting for bridal couples.The whole park is further up-graded to match the hotels ‘5 star’ facilities.

2008 – On 19 January, the Elephant Safari Park Lodge officially opened to present an unparalleled destination experience in Bali and the world to stay and experience the daily life of elephants in their lush retreat.The Elephant Safari Park Lodge offers a world exclusive experience to interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and stay with 27 beautiful Sumatran elephants, one of the rarest and endangered species of elephants left in the world today.

Simultaneously Nigel Mason launches his self-penned and published children’s book The Tale of the First White Elephant in Bali in both English and Indonesian to fantastic reviews.The book was noted as Best Seller in bookstores throughout Indonesia.

The DVD release of the acclaimed documentary Operation Jumbo is made available for purchase with Japanese, Russian, Mandarin, French, Indonesian and English subtitles.

2008 – In August the company re-releases and vastly expands its product brochures and catalogues with stunning new photography and information in English, Japanese and Russian print versions.The addition of a new Lodge Brochure and new Wedding Brochure as well as a new company DVD and Souvenir CD were also added to range of collateral.

A new adventure tour, Safari Under the Stars – An Evening with the Elephants is introduced in late 2008 allowing visitors for the first time to experience the Park at night.The evening with the elephants includes a special night show and dinner under the palm trees.

In December 2008 the expansion of the Elephant Park Boutique with its mezzanine level is completed as well as many Park enhancements including re-roofing of the Park Restaurant, completion of a new Shade House for the Elephants and a new docking bay from the Lodge’s Mammoths Head Bar and the installation of ramps and access points to ensure the Park is completelywheelchair friendly, a disabled toilet was also installed and an elephant ‘Nursery’ area added to the park.

2009 – Sees the company celebrating 20 years of unparalleled adventure experience as the first and longest standing Adventure Tour Company in Bali.

In mid-2009 the Park’s first naturally conceived baby elephant is born, a beautiful girl that was named Jegeg.This is world first for the Park and a testament to the Park’s efforts to conserve and breed this endangered species.All goes according to nature and plan and this marks the first baby Sumatran elephant to be conceived and born in captivity in Bali.The first birth was quickly followed by two more later in the year, the second was a male named Ganteng, and the last baby birth, named Riski, was put on YouTube and has had millions of views, because of its graphic and dramatic footage.

Bali Adventure Tours embarks on the total re-building and upgrading of its White Water Rafting operation on the Ayung River, moving further up river to a more pristine and unspoiled part of the Ayung River.

The bus fleet increased yet again in size to accommodate increasing tourist numbers.

2010 – Stage one of a two-part upgrading of the White Water Rafting operation opens in November, boasting a state of the art Rafting starting point, with 21st century facilities and equipment.A new amazing staircase is built to the river, with rest areas and stainless steel handrails to the bottom.

The Rafting finishing point is also re-built at a new location with high teach facilities, all beautifully landscaped by Nigel and his team.A new staircase off the river is also built to connect to the main road.

The bus fleet is further increased and the foundations are laid for a new complex at the rafting finishing point at Kedewatan that will include numerous new and upgrading facilities for guests, making the company’s rafting operation up there among the best in the world.

2010 – The park goes through a complete renovation to bring it up to the ‘5 star’ standard of the newly opened hotel.The shop is extended and a program to make the park disabled friendly is finished with ramps built for access to all facilities.The ‘Safari Under the Stars’ Night Safari is launched.

2011 – The Rafting operation is moved to a new location further up river at Payangan and re-built to super modern standards, complete with safe access to the river and efficient walk through equipment outfitting.A new finish is also built at Kedewatan with a riverside eating area and shower/toilet complex.New stairs are also built leading up to the road from the rafting finish point.

2012 – The theatre lounge is built for day guests to watch ‘Operation Jumbo’.

2013 – The fourth baby elephant, named Fajar, is born in July and a newly developed nursery is opened next to the elephant talk arena in mid-September.

The ‘Ubud Adventure Centre’ is opened in Kedewatan in Ubud. This multi-million-dollar development is the culmination of 25 years of rafting and Adventure experience, being the most modern state of the art adventure facility in the Southern Hemisphere and throughout all Asia. This now serves as both the start and finish of all White Water Rafting tours in the company. The centre contains beautifully appointed modern changing rooms with individual electronic bracelet-controlled guest lockers. A Digital Photo & Video Service is also now available at the Centre.

A Choice of two restaurants, ‘Yanie’s Restaurant’, the ‘Canopy’, a Coffee Shop, the ‘Shinto’ Japanese Spa (the first of its type in Bali) and two luxurious apartments with private swimming pool. The ‘Blu Bar’ offers guests an amazing night time experience with its multi levels of roof gardens. The centre also houses a Gift Shop, ‘The House of Yanie’, which was relocated from Kuta to the new Adventure Centre with an upstairs Gallery. The complex has its own Bakery, two levels of underground parking and situated on the fourth floor, a purpose-built Helipad for either Emergency evacuation or scenic Sky tours to commence in the near future.

2014 – Bali Adventure Tours adds yet another tour to the Elephant Safari Park after a high demand from guests. ‘Bathe &Breakfast’ with the Elephants quickly becomes a very popular tour.

It is decided ‘Bali Adventure Sky Tours’ would be relaunched with the purchase of a new Eurocopter B2 Helicopter in late 2014.

2015 – The company yet again enlarges its fleet of company cars with a further upgrade of many of the older buses as well. All Helipads are upgraded to cater for the new larger Helicopter and a Hangar is built for the Elephant Safari Park Helipad.

‘Bali Adventure Sky Tours’ commences its operation early in the year after a 12-year hiatus and quickly re-establishes itself as the only luxury VIP Helicopter service in Bali with Air Conditioning and state of the art camera system, giving customers a view both inside and outside the aircraft using four cameras for souvenir photos and video.

2016 – ‘Jumbo Wash’ with the elephants is added as an additional interactive elephant experience.

2017 – Koko Bambu restaurant is created at the village of Tatag, 5 minutes away from the Elephant Park. The location is also designated as the new finishing point for the Mountain Cycling and Tropical Trekking tours.

New ATV tours in Tatag under the name of Mason Jungle Buggies, the first and only 4.5km ‘purpose-built ATV track’ in Bali. The tours utilize the latest American-built Polaris machines, enclosing guests within a roll bar for total protection, in an experience that can be described as go-karts meets rally driving in the jungle.

The state of the art Mason Chocolate factory is also made and housed within Koko Bambu. Easily outclassing other operations in Indonesia, we travelled to Italy and teamed up with Selmi to source only the finest chocolate producing machinery. Finding, cultivating and using cocoa local beans found throughout different islands of the Indonesian archipelago, we aim to show the world how Indonesia too can be a player in the chocolate game. Our brand new chocolate factory also offers our guests guided tours of the production process as well as a showroom where they can indulge in the product right from the source.

2018 – Company completely rebrands itself from Bali Adventure Tours to Mason Adventures. The Elephant Safari Park & Lodge is rebranded to the Mason Elephant Park & Lodge. Bali Adventure Sky Tours is rebranded to Mason Sky Tours. The Ubud Adventure Centre is rebranded to the Mason Adventure Centre. Mason Gourmet Chocolates is rebranded to Mason Chocolates.

2019 – Mason Adventures celebrates its 30th Year Anniversary in an event at Taro, coinciding with the 23rd Year Anniversary of the Mason Elephant Park, as well as the 75th birthday of company founder, Nigel Mason.

The fifth baby elephant, a young and very healthy male named Arjuna, is born at the park in the month of June.

The Mason Elephant Park is the first elephant park in Asia to be awarded Gold Certification from the Asian Captive Elephants Standards (ACES), an independent enterprise providing elephant camps with the methodology, guidance, and on-site support to ensure all captive elephants are receiving the highest level of welfare possible through a rigorous assessment and audit process conducted by an experienced and dedicated team of elephant specialists, veterinarians, researchers, and conservationists. The park worked together with ACES over 2 years to further develop all aspects to uphold a sustainable future for the critically-endangered Sumatran elephants within the park’s care.

Nigel Mason

Born and educated in England, Nigel Mason spent some his early years in Egypt. Bitten early by the adventure bug, the 15-year-old left England in 1959 with the “Big Brother Boys Movement” to work on a farm in Victoria, Australia.

For the next four years, he travelled Australia, cutting timber and sugar cane, picking fruit, hunting kangaroos, and helping construct the Sydney-Melbourne standard gauge railway line. He learned to enjoy scuba diving and snow skiing in his spare time, as well as playing classical guitar.

In the late 60’s Nigel moved into sales, which saw him later join the recording music industry for a few exciting years, rubbing shoulders with world famous EMI Label artists – including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Chubby Checker and Roy Orbison. After this he launched his own ‘bottled garden terrarium’ business and later a landscaping operation but later returned to music in 1976, this time in retail with the large Brash’s chain of music stores where he managed the Prahran store. In 1980 he finally decided to give up the ‘rat race’ and flew off to Bali with a couple of old hippie mates and was quickly captivated by the island and decided to stay. He survived by doing small exports to Australia before meeting his future wife, Yanie in 1983.

Since arriving in Bali, Nigel has established numerous business enterprises, his first being Yanie’s Restaurant. He later built the first White Water Rafting operation in 1989 and added other adventure activities as he went along, including his own transport company. The Elephant Safari Park and helicopter sky tours were other additions to his stable of companies both being firsts for Bali.

Outside business operations, Nigel is well known for his outspokenness, and ‘fight for right’ attitude, and for his Harley Davidson. He spends leisure hours with his wife and two sons, often working together in his ‘Mangrove Project’, planting saplings to conserve eroding wetlands. Over the past ten years, the Masons have planted over 100,000 mangrove trees behind their Pesanggaran Head Office and re-established the area to its former state and ecosystem. However, government project has destroyed the hectares of the mangroves that the Masons planted, destroying 10 years of hard work in a matter of weeks. Nigel’s work with elephants has led to his appointment as an advisor and consultant to ‘Flora and Fauna International’ and gained him many admirers throughout the world including the late Steve Irwin.

Yanie Mason

Made Karyani “Yanie” Mason was born and raised in Legian village, one of seven children in her family. She spent her childhood in a very different Legian and Kuta than we see today, long before electricity, roads or tourists. In fact, she didn’t own her first pair of rubber thongs until she was 11 years old. In those days, life was quite a struggle for the average family and Yanie learned to be tough. With an inquisitive mind, she was always questioning things that she saw around her.

When tourists began to trickle into the village, Yanie learned to supplement the family income by selling anything possible to tourists, be it a flower she’d picked from someone’s garden or soft drinks on the beach. In fact, the first English phrase she remembers learning was: “Hallo, you want cold drink?”

Yanie was a straight-A student, always at the top of her class, especially in English. She was the first girl from Legian to enter university, where she was still studying when she met her future husband, Nigel. While studying, she was the general manager’s secretary at the then-newly opened Intan Cottages Hotel.

Yanie is probably best known for the famous “Yanie’s Restaurant & Bar”. But, she also is known as a woman who stands up against injustice and whom has fought for recognition as who she is and what she believes in. She has become recognized as one of Bali’s top businesswomen, while managing to mix a happy family life and raise two sons in a blended Balinese-Western culture. Yanie has gained respect among the Balinese and the expatriate communities, both of which have watched her climb the ladder of success over the past 20 years.

In her leisure hours, Yanie enjoys gardening, Balinese and modern dance, and badminton on the family court. An example of Yanie’s continued community involvement; she is an active member of numerous charity and other organizations in Bali, as well as being a member of Bali’s Tourism Board.

Jian & Shan Mason

Nigel and Yanie’s two sons were born and raised in Bali, where they spent much of their tropical childhood playing among mangrove swamps, beaches, construction sites, motocross tracks and jungles. In the early 2000’s they both left the island to attend boarding school and university in Melbourne, Australia.

In recent years they returned to Bali and joined the company, and have since been learning and taking part among the many facets of the ever-expanding Mason Adventures to help carry the family name into the future, bringing new ideas to accommodate an ever-evolving tourist marketplace.

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Elephant Jumbo Wash Experience

Adult : IDR 1.210.000/person  Child: IDR 850.000 Fam: IDR 3,700,000

Elephant Jumbo Wash Experience Bali – Now all of you can wash the Elephant with Jumbo Wash experience and participate in this memorable Bali adventure journey. With Bali Bathing Elephant, don’t miss this great value & exclusive tour. The Mason Elephant Park of Taro, once Elephant Safari Park, is certainly a must for Bali’s tourists and a distinctive elephant experience in the globe. READ MORE

Elephant Safari Ride Tour

Adult : IDR 1.100.000/person  Child: IDR 750.000 Fam: IDR 3,350,000

Elephant Safari Ride tour – The experience of sitting high a top an elephant in a teak wood chair, through the cool jungle of Taro, Ubud, is an experience you’ll never forget. The tour includes air-conditioned hotel transfer, Mason Elephant Park admission, Bali elephant safari ride tour, buffet lunch and insurance all in one complete package. Don’t miss this great value..READ MORE

Safari Under the Stars

Adult : IDR 1.550.000/person  Child: IDR 1.100.000 Fam: IDR 4,700,000

In the still of the misty forest of Taro at night fall, our elephants take you on Bali’s first twilight elephant trek, Safari Under the Stars. A Specially designed night trail offers a different course than our day-time elephant safari rides and makes for a completely new enchanted elephant experience. The experience of sitting high top on elephant in a teak wood chair. Book via Bali Bathing Elephant for best rate.. READ MORE

Mason Elephant Park Visit

Adult : IDR 900.000/person  Child: IDR 630.000 Fam: IDR 2,800,000

For those wanting an up close and personal elephant experience, this tour offers entry to the Mason Elephant Park and the wonderful elephant show. Mason Elephant Park Visit does NOT include an elephant ride. The first thing you notice upon entry to the Mason Elephant Park (formerly Elephant Safari Park), Taro, are the 3.5 hectares of abundant tropical gardens. Call Bali Bathing Elephant for best rate.READ MORE


Take part in a variety of activities and sightseeing tours in Bali, including breakfast and elephant bathing, riding an elephant in the village of Taro, stop at Kintamani for an amazing view of Batur, and then visit the Holy Spring Temple and more.

The package is one of the famous tours of the Bali Elephant with an exciting combination of bathing and elephant rides in Mason Elephant Park, then combined with visits to the volcano and the lake of Batur, as well as to the mother temple of Besakih.

Participate in a range of spectacular activity in Bali including breakfast and elephant bathing, Mason Elephant Park riding an elephant and then continue ATV Ride adventure in the Taro area. Easy Online Booking. Join now!

Enjoy the impressive combination tour package of Bali with our unique offer, pick up from your hotel early in the morning and join the Breakfast and Bathing Elephant, elephant ride safari at Taro village and sightseeing tour of the Ubud Center.

Explore the fabulous combination tour package of Bali in one day, combining a Bathing Elephant in Bali with a visit to artisan villages such as Mas and Celuk village where the local artist works on galleries; as well as visit Tegenungan waterfall, and more.

Join us on a marvelous combination package, bathing the elephants and Bali sightseeing tour for one day. Enjoy elephant bathing at Mason Elephant Park, combine with Kintamani tour for gorgeous view of Batur Volcano, and end with Batur Hot Spring.

Mason Adventures Combination Packages

Code: BBC
Bali Bathing Elephant + Mountain Cycling

more details

IDR 2,150,000
IDR 1,550,000
IDR 6,690,000
IDR 1,950,000
IDR 1,395,000
IDR 6,000,000

Code: BBR
Bali Bathing Elephant + Afternoon Ayung Rafting

more details

IDR 2,280,000
IDR 1,650,000
IDR 6,990,000
IDR 1,950,000
IDR 1,450,000
IDR 6,290,000

Code: RE1
Ayung Rafting + Elephant Safari Ride Tour

more details

IDR 2,030,000
IDR 1,400,000
IDR 6,140,000
IDR 1,825,000
IDR 1,260,000
IDR 5,525,000

Code: REV11
Ayung Rafting + Mason Elephant Park Visit

more details

IDR 1,685,000
IDR 1,180,000
IDR 5,120,000
IDR 1,515,000
IDR 1,060,000
IDR 4,600,000

Code: CE8
Bali Mountain Cycling + Elephant Safari Ride Tour

more details

IDR 1,900,000
IDR 1,320,000
IDR 5,800,000
IDR 1,710,000
IDR 1,190,000
IDR 5,220,000

Code: JE
Tropical Trekking + Elephant Safari Ride Tour

more details

IDR 1,790,000
IDR 1,280,000
IDR 5,590,000
IDR 1,610,000
IDR 1,150,000
IDR 5,050,000

Code: RLNSR4
Afternoon Rafting + Safari Under The Stars

more details

IDR 2,320,000
IDR 1,640,000
IDR 7,110,000
IDR 2,090,000
IDR 1,475,000
IDR 6,400,000

Code: CLNSR5
Afternoon Cycling + Safari Under The Stars

more details

IDR 2,220,000
IDR 1,550,000
IDR 6,770,000
IDR 1,980,000
IDR 1,395,000
IDR 6,095,000

Code: CRE0
Mountain Cycling + Elephant Ride + Rafting

more details

IDR 2,590,000
IDR 1,800,000
IDR 7,860,000
IDR 2,335,000
IDR 1,625,000
IDR 7,075,000